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Q: How much money can I make with my Studio? Can I take a salary from the beginning?
A: That depends on many factors. We cannot estimate what you will earn, however, our Franchise
Disclosure Document (FDD) includes average sales data for mall and non-mall locations. Once
you submit the inquiry form, you will receive a confidential questionnaire. Completion of this
questionnaire is required in order to receive the FDD.

We recommend that new Owners focus on building equity initially. In an effort to make substantial
profits, you should maintain a low overhead in your first year.

Q. Can I sell Merle Norman products from my home or on the Internet?
A. No. Merle Norman products can only be distributed through Merle Norman
Cosmetic Studio locations.

Q. How can I secure a business loan to start my Merle Norman Studio?
A. Consult with your financial institution and learn more by visiting the Franchise Registry website.
Merle Norman is approved by the Small Business Administration (SBA) to be listed on the Franchise
Registry. The Franchise Registry lists names of franchise systems whose franchisees enjoy the
benefits of a streamlined review process for U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) financings.
Loan applications for franchises on the Franchise Registry can be reviewed and processed more
efficiently and quickly by SBA and its lenders because the respective franchise agreements do not
need to be reviewed in each individual franchisee situation. Source: The Franchise Registry

Q. Do I need to use the Internet as Studio Owner?
A. The Internet is a chief communication tool in business practices. We encourage Studio Owners
to have access to and knowledge of the online space in order to operate effectively and efficiently.

Q. Why are some existing Studios available for purchase?