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Merle Norman Success Stories
Merle Norman Franchise
Our franchise business owners are self-motivated business enthusiasts – women and men who enjoy interacting with people and reaping the personal satisfaction of helping others look and feel their best. Every Merle Norman Studio Owner has his or her own individual success story.

“Working first as a part-timer and then as a Studio Manager allowed me to see how successful
I could become by owning a Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise.”

Melinda Fox, Torrance, CA
Studio Owner

“As third generation Studio Owners, my sister and I proudly followed in the steps of our mother
and grandmother, who opened the family’s first Studio in the late ’50s."

Elaine Finley, Greenville, SC
Studio Owner

“Merle Norman makes it easy to be a business owner, because they’re supportive in so many
different ways. For example, if you have a question during the day concerning anything from an
ingredient in a product, to advertising, you can pick up the phone, call their 800 number and get an answer to your question.”

Kim Larson, Springfield, IL
Studio Owner

“I’ve been affiliated with a number of companies in my career and Merle Norman is unique – it’s
an extremely committed and focused company that does a fabulous job of supporting the Studio Owners.”

Jon Miller, Boise, ID
Studio Owner