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Beautiful brows create the perfect frame for your face accentuating it in the same way a frame complements a picture. Use these pro tips to create brows that wow.

2-Minute Brows

These quick and easy tips are perfect for the brow beginner or someone who’s always on-the-go. It only takes a couple of minutes to achieve brows that look totally natural and polished.

• Focus your attention on the areas where the hair is sparse like the inner brow (A) and the tail (B).

• In sparse areas, apply Powder Brow Pencil or Natural Brow Powder with a slightly firmer touch for more concentrated color. Where your brows are dense, apply with a lighter touch (or less product).

• Fill in and blend brows using short upward strokes. This will help to unify the overall appearance of your brows.

Brow Care Brow Products

Brow Know How

5-Minute Brows

Have a few extra minutes? These tips balance brows for total perfection. 1. Think of your brows as sisters, not twins. If one brow is slightly higher than the other, there’s a trick to building height to the lower brow. Using Powder Brow Pencil, build it up from the top and cheat it to create a lift. Pencil in your line or shape as high as possible so that it aligns with the higher brow.

2. Once you’ve raised your lower brow, move on to the higher brow and create your line or shape at the same level as the lower one and fill in.3. Now that you’ve got the shape, add Natural Brow Powder in a shade that matches your hair color. You can even use eye shadow. The most natural brows are not opaque all the way through. If the color looks too dense, use the spoolie side of the Makeup Artistry Brows #1 Brush to buff it and make it more transparent.

For All Brows

• The best shade for filling in brows is Taupe. Even better, it’s available in all of our Brow Care formulas! This light universal shade works with any hair color for brow shaping. It gives brows subtle definition that looks natural. Remember, you can always add a darker tone later on.

• The key to any brow look is blending. Blend, blend, blend with the Brows #1 Brush for the most natural finish!

• Use Brow Sealer to set brows in place.