Merle Norman Hussy

Hussy: A Restored Beauty

Many years ago, Merle Norman’s nephew, J.B. Nethercutt, desperately wanted to purchase a 1934 Packard
(of which there were only five in the world) but the owner, Mr. Hussey, refused to sell it to him for any price.
J.B. was determined to get it and, as luck would have it, he found one in an abandoned field and bought it.

Jack Nethercutt, J.B.’s son and the Chairman of Board and President of Merle Norman, restored it to its original
condition in 2008, painted it a beautiful red color and named it in honor of the man who owned the car his father wanted.
When the name wouldn't fit on the license plate, he shortened it to "Hussy."

Hussy has been a part of The Nethercutt Collection since 1966 and has won numerous awards at car shows.
It is the inspiration behind The Hussy Collection. To deliver the unique color of the car, The Hussy Collection
was created with Color Travel Pigment technology derived from the auto-paint industry for cosmetic use.
Comprised of multi-layered pigments, this technology allows color to have many dimensions and change
based on the angle in which it is viewed. With Hussy, lips are a rich red at first glance, but change subtly
in undertone depending on the viewing angle with shades of rust, gold, orange, pink and blue.