We unknowingly change the future of our skin by spending time in the sun unprotected. Sun
damage is one of the leading causes of fine lines, loss of firmness and brown spots. That means
the sun is responsible for most of what we see when we look in the mirror as we age. So, how do
you prevent this damage in the first place? Daily protection is the key. If you head into the sun,
even for a short time, use a sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection like MERLE
NORMAN Dual Spectrum®
, to help shield skin from both UVA (aging)and UVB (burning) rays.
Apply sunscreen to bare skin or underneath makeup 30 minutes before going outdoors, and be
sure to reapply it every two hours.

How do you know if you've applied enough
sunscreen? Dermatologists recommend a teaspoon
for the face and approximately three tablespoons for
the body. The more sun protection applied, the better it
is for your skin.

Sunscreen also comes in a range of products including
Sheer Defense and Lip Conditioner SPF 15