Everyone loves a fresh, sun-kissed glow … and now that we know about the sun’s
harmful rays, there’s no other way to go but “faux.” We’ve made self-tanning simple.
Just follow these tips to achieve your most beautiful bronzed look ever, without the
negative effects of the sun.

Always start with an exfoliating scrub like Polished Perfection to prevent streaks and patches. Self-tanner adheres much better to smooth even skin.

Applying a light layer of body cream like Moisture Works to particularly dry areas like the hands, feet, elbows, knees and ankles keeps color from over-absorbing.

Self-tanner dries quickly, so apply it evenly, working it into skin quickly; blend with circular motions. Use a tinted formula like SunSense Tinted Self-Tanner. It let you see where you apply it, so you won’t miss any spots. Pay close attention to drier areas that tend to absorb more color (i.e., elbows, knees and ankles). Wash hands with soap and water immediately after.

Keep on glowing. Make your “tan” last longer by
applying a small amount of SunSense Self-Tanner daily to the places the sun naturally hits skin (i.e., forehead, cheekbones and bridge of nose); blend well.

Get instant tropical color in seconds with
Bronzing Powder. For the most natural effect, apply it with a large brush like the Makeup Artistry Face #2 Brush using a light hand in a backwards “3” motion. Sweep along the jawline, up to the inner cheek and extend up and out over your brow and forehead.