Merle Norman Story

Merle Norman photograph in black & white

It began with a dream; an idea; and a desire to make a difference.

Merle Norman, through her entrepreneurial spirit, passion and creativity, rose from humble beginnings to become an inspiration and trail blazer for other women.

Merle Norman was a unique, fun-loving and caring woman who as a beauty pioneer, influenced women and fundamentally changed how they approached their personal sense of beauty and defined their own version of success.

Ahead of her time, she broke free from the mold society expected from women to create Merle Norman Cosmetics. Today, whether by wearing our products, or owning a Studio, Merle Norman Cosmetics continues to make a difference in others’ lives.

We embrace Merle Norman’s values and fulfill her vision by offering the products and transformative experience to find and express one’s best self – giving them the confidence to pursue their dreams, explore their ideas and create their own version of extraordinary.